Digital Literacies Theory Path: Mozilla’s Internet Health Report.

1st Racial Justice:

There is something about me that is always curious to understand and know more about racism, and this article has definitely helped me know something new. In this article, I discovered that the internet algorithms can be racist. This is a sign that the people behind the algorithm are racists who reinforce racism. This article introduced me to how the algorithms reinforce oppression. The article mentions several examples that prove that data sets and algorithms are biased against people of color. So, for example, the word “Black girls” is recognized as a keyword to use on Google’s search engine that suggests pornographic content. I personally cannot accept the fact that even search engines are representing data that is discriminating people. This is something that happens without taking into consideration how serious it is and how hurtful for people that are discriminated. Overall, this article was shocking for me but at the same time very very informative.

2nd Labor Rights

It is my first time reading about Labor rights and I was encouraged to read the article carefully as they mentioned Uber company which is a company that I am familiar with. So, this kind of created a common background that helped me focus and be interested more to read. I was shocked to know that Uber consider their workers independent contractors and Uber has no responsibility to ensure that their workers earn the minimum wage, or to provide any social benefits for them. Not only but also Uber invade their workers’ privacy by accessing their personal information without telling them. I find this totally unacceptable and unprofessional from such a big and reputable company like Uber. Also, it was shocking for me knowing that workers are in constant fear of being blocked. I really hope the union that has been created will offer all the help for the workers to guarantee a great deal and fair treatment from their companies.

3rd Transparency

This article is about transparency and accountability, which are two vital elements that play a huge role in social media. The article talks about transparency from a political perspective and it says that transparency doesn’t only help us understand what happened. In fact, it helps us understand and even shape what happens next. Also, it suggests that democracy and transparency are correlated. In order to guarantee meaningful transparency, large social media companies should prevent any harms including data leaks, toxic hate speech, online violence, double standards in content moderation, and misinformation. This will help the users to feel more safe and engage more without fear.

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