Digital Narrative Game: Impostor Syndrome

Final Reflection

I have been working with my colleague Haneen on this game for weeks and finally, we are in the last phase of reflecting on our experience of creating a narrative game. At first, when Dr. Maha informed us about the narrative game I was so worried but I was also very excited about creating a game. Haneen told me about imposter syndrome and she introduced me to it and I thought that it is a very important topic that people should know more about. So, we decided that we are going to work together on this game. I believe we had an urge to tell spread awareness about this syndrome. This game has been modified several times and for different reasons. We were two working on a game and this meant that we had to have 20 scenarios instead of 10. At first, we thought about the scenarios and then we decided to do two scenarios different than each other. Then, we thought about only 1 scenario but do it in a chronological order. Finally, we made a decision and chose to make two scenarios.

Also, we thought that if we are spreading awareness about a topic, then we must be aware completely of this topic. So, we made our research and we asked a friend who has the syndrome to tell us more about it and how it affects her. I believe that Dr. Maha helped us very much when she shared with us her knowledge about the syndrome. So, I believe that the experience wasn’t only about creating a game, but it was more of an eye-opener for me.

In the last draft, we added an explanation of the game and the syndrome in bullet points and this was a comment that our colleagues gave us in class when they played the game. Also, we took by Dr. Maha’s advice and we changed the color contrast and added more scenarios that showed difficulties.

Finally, I loved working with my colleague Haneen. I don’t usually enjoy working in pairs but this time I really enjoyed it and I witnessed how we developed throughout the phases of creating our narrative game.

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