Digital Confidence Test Result

I have taken a lot of tests but this was my first time determining my digital confidence. I tried to be as honest as possible with myself while answering the questions. Each option in the answers had an explanation that helped me determine my level of digital literacy. Throughout the test, I noticed that my answers lean more towards being competent and comfortable in all aspects. Also, this test assured me that I know the basics but when it comes to complicated tasks and even advanced digital tasks, I fail. So, it was important for me to know this and I believe that through this course; I have learned and improved my digital confidence. However, I still need to learn and develop my digital literacy and not my skills. So, I know how to use media and I know how to download a photo or upload a video which is a skill. However, I am not aware of how to choose one or reflect on my use of this photo or video for example. So, I decided to work on my digital literacy more and I will take this test after a month from now. So, my dear friends on this blog, wait for my test results to know my progress.

Here’s the test link if anyone would like to take it

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