Self-development- Journal

My professor gave us the chance to choose a practice that will help us in self-development. I immediately chose to journal. I have been journaling for 5 years and I love it, but I never reflected on how much journaling affects me. So, on the first day, I realized that I release all my emotions and pour them into paper. I didn’t write about what happened in my day but I wrote more about how I feel each day. It helped me focus and be conscious of my feelings and how to express them.

On the second day, I decided to try benefiting from journaling and use it as a planner that will help me achieve goals. So, I started by writing the date and listing my goals. This helped me be more aware of my intentions and my urge to achieve goals. Then, I checked the list of goals I wrote again and I realized that I have achieved them and this helped me track my progress and growth.

On the third day, I was assigned to make a film, and I didn’t have any ideas for the film. So, I journaled everything that happens in my day and everything that caught my attention. Later on, this has been an inspiration for me and I found an idea for my film. Overall, my experience with journaling was amazing and very beneficial. It helped me achieve goals, reduce stress, express feelings, and get inspiration. So, I am willing to consider journaling as a necessary part of my daily routine.

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