Comparison between my experience and my colleague Haneen in Soliya

I asked my colleague Haneen Khaled about her experience in the Connect Express program and through her answers I tried to compare and reflect on the similarities and differences between us. Haneen mentioned that the diversity allowed her to get into deep conversations with people from all around the world, people who come from different backgrounds. This is a similar aspect that I have mentioned about my experience in Soliya. However, Haneen says that this experience made her realize that although people come from different backgrounds yet they are still all similar which is something that I don’t believe in. In fact, this experience showed me that differences are the most significant thing about diversity. She also mentioned that she found communication in the class amazing.  Communicating with her colleagues in class was great because she felt they were attentive and this made her feel more confident about talking and expressing herself and her ideas. This is a similar thing that I have experienced too in the Connect Express program and I believe that my communication skills got even better when I joined Soliya. Overall, we agreed that Soliya was a great experience in which we got to meet new people and communicate with them effectively.

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